Kevin joins OMS from Portland.

Chauncey Farnsworth (a 1973 Mini), was Kevin’s 1st Mini. Great fun!!! Packed a lot of terrific memories into the year they spent together. Gas was 20 cents a gallon and this was a car that would go forever….

Flash forward… Kevin’s new Mini is 1976 Austin Mini 1275, left hand drive red with a black top built for the Canadian market – a very interesting vehicle purchase…

You can read more details about Kevin’s love affair with Minis in the upcoming OMS newsletter.

OMS found itself another Austin America member with owner Dan from Portland and a 2004 pepper white Cooper with owner John from Salem.  Sounds like John is not afraid of upgrades and mods and has been very busy with his first MINI.

Jim and his mini fleet of minis (1965 Austin Cooper S 1275 and 2005 BMW MINI Cooper S) join us from Bend OR!

Welcome to OMS!!!