Bailey Wood was chosen for this year’s OMS Scholarship Recipient.
Read how the OMS scholarship is making a huge difference in someone’s life:

I would like to thank you for the opportunities that scholarships like yours make possible for me while going to school.  The time I get to spend with my son and family instead of working extra hours to pay for tuition is invaluable to me and I am extremely grateful.  The events I have been able to to attend and be a part of with you guys have all been new and very exciting and I’m looking forward to more this year.  The time I now have to spend on homework and in class (some of which are 8 hours long) is only possible because of scholarships.  I can’t tell you enough just how much of my success has been dependent on generosities of others like this and it is something I will never forget and aspire to be able to provide to others in the future.

My deepest gratitude and my warmest thanks.

Bailey Wood