The Spirit of Sue Award is an annual award presented to the OMS member whose generous participation, involvement and contributions to the club have been consistently significant over the course of the entire year. Sue was a founding member of the Oregon Mini Society and through adversity she always found time to invest into the club exhibiting her relentless and giving spirit.

More about Sue

Sue Sanders died of brain cancer in 2000. She is survived by her husband Kelly, her children Cy and Ben Cary, and her Mini which resides in the garage of her brother Bill. She was a member of Oregon Mini Society for many years, and served as President in 1995-96. Sue was very active in the club, and was one of the friendliest, happiest and joyful people we’ve had the pleasure of knowing. She maintained and rebuilt her own Mini, helped in working with others on theirs and was intensely interested and devoted to our special little cars. She was an inspiration to us all, and epitomized the Spirit of a true Mini Owner. Her untimely passing saddened and sobered us, but her Spirit and zest gladdened us, and in memory to her, whenever someone special shows similar zest and fire, we can say that they have the Spirit of Sue in them. Help keep her Spirit and memory alive by recognizing someone who shares her passion with the rest of us.

2019: Eric Newland
2018: Rhonda Hull
2017: Eric Newland
2016: Lesley Crenshaw
2015:  Rhonda Hull
2014: Eric Newland
2013: David Munsey
2012:  Rhonda Hull
2011:  George Olson
2010:  Jeff Drago
2009:  Dave Lisle
2008:  No Recipient Chosen
2007:  Chris Pegues
2006:  Craig House
2005:  Terry & Evelyn Bonnie
2004:  Craig House
2003:  Jeff Drago
2002:  Chris Pegues
2001:  Mike Hamilton