2015 Tanner Burdick Award Ceremony CCC President Joanne TruesdellThe OMS Scholarship was awarded to Tanner Burdick. Tanner grew up on a ranch in Gunlock, Utah where he and his family worked the land and cattle. Population of Gunlock, UT: 120 people. He moved to Oregon about a year ago. He is currently enrolled in the CCC Auto Body Collision Repair program. Tanner loves cars, especially the classics. He found his love for cars from a broken down 1967 Mercury Cougar that has been in his family for years. Tanner has held a job since he was 14 years old. Barely scraping by and barely able to pay the bills, he is putting himself through school. He is attending CCC with intent to major in Collision Repair and Refinishing. He says this scholarship will help him “to be able to focus on school and not always be worried about work and paying the bills.”

David Bradley, CCC Automotive Department Chair, says “Tanner is a superstar, great attitude, quick learner, and just fun to have in the shop”.

Congratulations Tanner!

2015 Tanner Burdick Rhonda Hull CCC paintbooth


Official Congratulations to Tanner Burdick at CCC

On March 13th, Rhonda and Mark Hull (instigators of the scholarship), Paul (another major okayer in this whole process) and I (a simple bystander, but enthusiastic) enjoyed sharing a lovely ceremony at Clackamas Community College where our OMS Scholarship recipient, Tanner Burdick, was formally acknowledged as recipient of our Oregon Mini Society scholarship award (with full acknowledgement of OMS– both during the ceremony and in the leave-behind brochure) along with other scholarship winners.

At our table, we also had the opportunity to meet Russ Peterson, a major player in the automotive restoration program. Thanks to Russ, we also enjoyed a full excursion of the automotive restoration facility—absolutely amazing! Many thanks to Russ for that opportunity!

Steffi Rollins

2015 Tanner Burdick Award Ceremony Rhonda Hull Russ Peterson Paul Rollins