Spiffin’ Up Your Mini…

Neil d’Autremont of Sidedraught City will demonstrate detailing techniques and products to make your Mini sparkle…  With lots of show and driving opportunities coming in 2013 –particularly MMW and the ABFM’s — you’ll want to know those secrets of Pebble Beach winners, or at least how to get bird doo-doo of the roof.

The session will start at 10:00am and run for about two hours.  Those who desire can drift to a local brew pub for lunch and chatter afterward.

Saturday, January 26th at 10 am.
1001 S.E. Main St., Portland 97214
[email protected]
Check Neil’s website for more information about Sidedraught City: www.facebook.com/sidedraughtcity

Sidedraught City - Portland, OR