Join the Club Event this Saturday, a TOUR of three wineries, two of which were named in the recent Portland magazine Top 50 Wines issue.

We’ll meet at NOON in the Bi-Mart parking lot on the Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway at SW Western Ave. (Plan on lunch before we meet; no tasting on empty tummies!)
The route will be Hwy 10 (Beav-Hills hwy turns into Farmington Rd) to the western end at 219, then north to Unger Rd, which takes us to the first stop
Ardiri Winery
From there, it’s over the hill to Gaston and west on Olson Rd (!) to the second stop
Elk Cove Winery
From there, it’s on to the last stop of the afternoon
Garden Vineyards.
Total mileage from parking lot to third winery is about 50 miles, on Mini-friendly roads!
 All have beautiful tasting rooms and great wine, so come on along on Saturday.
See you at NOON!