Peoples’ Choice Awards from ABFM.  OMS members are marked with an asterisk.

MI-33A Early Saloon (external hinges)

*1st Jim & Cyndy Bolin
*2nd John Wohlslagel
*3rd Roger Ferguson

MI-33B  Mini Cooper, Cooper S (all)

*1st Linda Joneli
*2nd Steve Wittkop
3rd Ed Sauer

MI-34A  Woody wagons, LWB others

1st Dan Borglund (pick-up)
*2nd Bruce & Kerri Harding
3rd Chris Miller

MI-35  Variants & Kits (Elf, Hornet, Moke, Radford, etc)

1st Mike Smith
2nd Peter Larson
3rd Marcel Chichak

MI-36 Late Saloon & Clubman (internal hinges)

*1st Mark & Rhonda Hull
2nd Terrance Hogan
3rd Jerry Miller

MI-18A NEO MINI Cooper

1st Linda Hogan
2nd Jim Norgan
3rd Duane Chapmap

MI-18B NEO MINI Cooper S

1st Ina-Engle Boomsma
2nd Rohanna Buchanan
*3rd RealyAnn Wingert

MI-18C NEO MINI Cabriolet & Clubman

*1st Brian Fawcett
2nd Dan Tidwell
3rd Jim Faull

MI-18D  NEO MINI LWB, Countryman, S, JCWorks

*1st Roger Wooley
2nd Ron & Ginny Mapes
3rd Gary Aulicino

ADO 16 class

*1st Dan Sauve
2nd David Dixon
3rd Chad and Molly Cansler

The Preservation Award, given by OMS this year for the first time, went to Ed Sauer, from Seattle Area Mini Owners Ass’n.

And for the Grand Finale’, our own OMS Dwight Smith got Best of Show at ABFM with his woodie.  This is a huge honor, not just among the 76 Minis, but this is Best of Show of over 800 British cars of all types and stripes. WOW!

Anyone who was not present to receive their trophy should contact OMS.