Meet Dee from  Tualitin:
“I met a couple of folks at the meeting last Sunday, so excited to see more minis together in one spot!  I have a ’66 Austin Mini, white with black roof.  Fount it on Craigslist near Sacramento and the guy was so nice and even sold me less than what was listed online because he knew it was going to a new home.  We flew down for the weekend and had it shipped to my work, Audi Wilsonville.”  Welcome to OMS, Dee!

Robin and Marc are from Rainier with their jaunty Japanese 1985? (99?) Mini Cooper S.  It’s sporty red with bonnet stripes; looks great and goes fast!
Robin: micro cars.
Marc: vintage motorcycles.
Sounds like a good match.
Welcome Robin and Marc!

Alec joins us from Portland with his yellow 1968 Austin Cooper S – fast road/race.  Alec enjoys art, design and engineering, hiking, camping and gardening. Can’t wait to see your Mini Alec!