Snowmagedon or Icedoom or however you characterized the recent weather disaster caused an exceptional amount of automobile carnage. Hopefully no OMS members’ cars were victims. Anyone whose vehicle does need repair is also having an inconvenient, head-on collision with a new fact of life of the auto-body-repair business, as noted in this article from the Oregonian. The number of collision-repair shops is decreasing while the need for their service is increasing. This problem has been growing even before the recent, slip-sliddin’ calamity exacerbated it. A critical reason for the decline in the number of body shops, which this article does not mention, is the lack of skilled people to do the increasingly-complex work. It should be a good feeling to OMS members that the Clackamas Community College scholarship we provide is helping people get training in this field and fill a serious need of the community. Instructor Russ Peterson at Clackamas CC gets way more requests for graduates from shop owners than the school can produce.