145SR10 Dunlop SP44 Weathermaster

Vintage Tyre Supplies has recently reintroduced the 145SR10 Dunlop SP44 Weathermaster (£129 each + vat) and are now considering the need for another tyre.

Vintage Tyre Supplies has a close working relationship with UK based Avon Tyres who continue to make a range of high quality classic and vintage tyres for cars and motorcycles. Recently they have discovered an old Arctic Steel mould in a 145R10. The Arctic Steel pattern is very similar to the SP44 in its ruggedness but has the added advantage of being studdable, and could be manufactured in various competition compounds if necessary.

Vintage Tyre Supplies has is assessing the interest that this tyre may have with a view to reintroducing it to the market. They anticipate the unit cost to be just below £100 each and because a usable mould exists, production could be relatively soon. If you are interested in it, please email [email protected].

OMS Members are entitled to a 5% discount on all of their stock.