Author: Nicholas Coker

MMW 2013 Now Has a Theme

Although our club contest to create a theme for MMW 2013 did not quite achieve our anticipated 1,000,000 entries (we were this || close), there was a quite respectable number of entries. Most incorporated some reference to the physical location, mentioning “Bend” or “Deschutes”, or more-generally, ” River”. Another general focus was on the na- ture of the area, referring to “Sagebrush”, “High Desert”, “Dust”, or a “cowboy” tie in. A few entries keyed on the number “13” as in Apollo Mission and Friday the __. At our February club meeting members present voted, in a two-step process, on the entries. The most-popular and ultimately-chosen theme is ” Minis Conquer The...

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Newest Members

Lynne and Marlene from The Dalles, Oregon. They found us on-line, and joined us during the Hood River Fruit Loop Tour last October. They are driving a 1980 Mini Special. Welcome to the club, folks!!! …and welcome back to Kerri and Bruce of Canby, Oregon. They just bought Craig House‚Äôs yellow Zippy...

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Mini Meet West 2013 Theme Contest

Wednesday, February 8 Planning is zooming along for OMS’s hosting of MMW 2013. Such a momentous event needs a earth-shaking theme. Remember such past masterpieces such as: MMW 2001 — a Space Odyssey, and MMW 2007 — Live and Let Drive. Since Minis, by their essence, attract the most-creative people, the club is asking all of you to put forward your best ideas for a theme for our next production. Some basic elements you might consider are: Location — Edge of the Cascade mountains and high desert, near a very-active river Year — 2013 If you have some ideas for graphic elements that would be important to your theme, mention them. Also explain any rationale for your theme. Please send your theme proposal to me by February 8, to We will discuss the proposed themes among the members at the February 12, club meeting and pick the winner. Of course, the successful effort will not go unrewarded. There will be a prize for the...

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