Year: 2014

2014 January Members

Ken and Mike attended the January Tech Session at Ward’s Garage and became OMS members on the spot.  Ken has a 1975 Mini which has been seen on occasion in the Clackamas Costco parking lot.  Mike has a 1966 Mini Cooper S,...

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2014 New Members

Welcome new 2014 OMS members! – Chau – Ken from Oak Grove, OR – Mike from Portland, OR – Dennis from Oregon City, OR – Terry from Port Angeles, WA – Kristen from Hillsboro, OR – Win from Portland, OR – Alexander from Portland,...

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January 25th Tech Session

A classic Mini transmission will be disassembled and we will learn what is needed to rebuild one at Ward Barbour’s shop. We will also be discussing 4 Synchro Straight Cut Gear Kits and the advantages of using a center oil...

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